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Also, I’m gonna try and update Arc 2 soon…

We’re gonna start to get into the darker stuff, be warned now.

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I’ve arrived home from Spain.

Beautiful country. Beautiful architecture. Great food. Overall: 8/10 would travel again.

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I’m on Spain till Sunday. I’ll bring back pics if anyone wants to see them.

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//Y’know what…

I’m just gonna make a post and see if anyone even does bother looking here. If I get a couple questions (that’s like…2-3) before I leave on Saturday, I will write a new chapter for both arcs. (Given that I have time. If I get them like an hour before I leave them your out of luck.) and if I don’t… Then I’ll finish the next chapter for the second arc sometime after spring break is over, I guess. So yeah, that’s your goal, up to you guys if it gets met or not.

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Pester me to write the next update?
Someone talk to me, gimme some inspiration, something. If no one is gonna talk to me, then why bother putting time into writing my chapters on time?

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Okay guys. I swear I’m gonna update me of the arcs soon.

I just have one question: which arc do you guys want to see updated first?

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Chapter 9: Questions and Answers ((guys, I updated the first arc. Read, pls. :3))


The stallion sat opposite the thug, eating casually and watching him. “I hope you don’t mind if I eat first. I don’t want gryphon spoiling the taste.” He said, ripping off a bite of bread. The golden-crested gangster sat quietly, glancing around the whitewashed room as his captor ate. “Ain’t you…

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Chapter 9: Questions and Answers ((look! I did it! Woo-hoo!))

The stallion sat opposite the thug, eating casually and watching him. “I hope you don’t mind if I eat first. I don’t want gryphon spoiling the taste.” He said, ripping off a bite of bread. The golden-crested gangster sat quietly, glancing around the whitewashed room as his captor ate. “Ain’t you supposed to be asking questions?” He remarked, making the stallion smile. “I’m just waiting for you to tell me everything you know. It’ll be so much simpler and you’ll be back on the streets by the end of the day.” The stallion commented, finishing the plate and sliding it away with a belch. “That was lovely, if only there was more…” He lamented, standing up and cracking his fingers. “Time for work, I suppose.”
Claw gulped as the stallion unfolded his coat, producing vials of liquids and instruments of various uses. “Now, I’ll start off easy. I’ll ask you a few questions, you’ll answer them truthfully. If you lie or decline to answer I’ll be forced to move onto more drastic measures.” He said simply. “You don’t talk unless your answering a question, otherwise there will be consequences.” He continued. “Understand?” The gryphon nodded, smirking. “I’ll save you time. You won’t get anything from me. I’m not a snitch.” He spat, frowning. In seconds the stallion had turned and crossed to him, his hand moved up and across claws face with a wicked backhand that threatened to topple the chair. “That wasn’t the correct answer.” The stallion tutted, crossing back to the chair while claw recovered. “Now, first question: Where is Crimson Wing’s leader? I believe she goes by Gilda.” The military stallion asked, rearranging the tools in the table. “I dunno. I’m not a higher-up.” Claw said, shaking his head. “I’m well aware you’re not a higher-up, claw. That’s why we only bothered to send one operative to get you. If you had been more important we would have used multiple operatives to minimize the threat.” The stallion shrugged, looking over the blade of a razor-sharp scalpel. Claw gulped, eyeing the instrument wearily. “Y-you saying that I’m not a threat?” He growled, trying to keep a brave face. “Let me out of the chair and I’ll show you a threat!” He shouted. “Ssshhh, shhhh shhhh shhhhh…” The interrogator cood. “That’s enough talk. You know what the question is, it’s up to you how fast you answer it.”
The stallion whistled and the door opened, revealing a mare with a light green mane and bright eyes. Her tail swished back and forth as she sauntered into the room, bearing a tray full of various needles and vials. “Oooo, he’s a handsome one.” She giggled, setting the tray down and walking behind the stallion. “General? Am I going to be your secret weapon if he doesn’t talk?” She cooed, just loud enough for claw to hear. The general grunted, grabbing her hand as it made its way down his front. “I’m confident I won’t be needing any of your powers today. You may return to your quarters.” The mare huffed unhappily before sliding around to his front. “Will I at least get a reward for helping later?” She asked hopefully, messing with his collar. “We’ll see. Now, thank you for the materials and good day.” The mare frowned, stepping under his arm again before brushing past claw. “Do me a favor, dear. Spill your guts quickly so my master will reward me.” She said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek before strutting out. Claw could feel his heart rate increase, not of fear but of excitement and it centered from the kiss on his cheek. He blushed lightly, enraptured as he watched the mare exit. He was awoken from his stupor from a harsh slap from the general. “Wake up.” He ordered, sighing. “W-who was she?” Claw asked, still feeling a tingle from her lips. “She’s a succubus.” He said, chuckling. “Creatures of lust that want nothing more then a good lay and hundreds of slaves to do their bidding. That kiss would have driven you crazy for her if it had been on your lips.” He continued. “Truly fascinating creatures, their hormones make a rather useful truth serum.” He said, picking up a syringe containing a light pink solution. “Now, let’s get those questions answered, shall we?” He asked giddily.
The stallion walked around the gryphon , placing the needle against a vein and injecting a small bit of the solution. Claw felt his body loosen as his mind became foggy. “Now, Gilda, where is she?” The General asked, replacing the syringe. The words were foggy as they floated through his mind. ‘Gilda? Did he know a Gilda? The name was familiar, but… He couldn’t… No, he could tell.’ He thought before shaking his head at the stallion. “No.” Claw said simply. The general frowned, driving another syringe into the gryphons other arm. Claw felt his limb begin to dumb before a burning pain began to rocket through his body. “Dammit! Ah what is that!?” The gryphon yelled, writhing in his bindings. “Hydra venom. A very small dose.” The General chuckled before repeating his question. “Gilda. Where can we find her?” He asked, humming. “Screw you! I’m not telling you anything!” The gangster screamed. The general frowned, “This could be so much easier.” He said, injecting the gryphon with a larger dose of succubi hormones. Claw watched as his sight became hazy, his mind floating off. ‘Gilda. Gryphon. Leader? Yes, leader that’s right. She leads… A resistance? No… A gang? Yes, that sound right. A gang!’ His thoughts hung over his face as he panted, squirming in his chair. He felt… Good, almost at ease. The stallion chuckled, quietly slipping the other needle into the gryphons vein and inject the hydra venom. Claw was torn from his drug induced haze as the venom swept through his bloodstream. He screamed, his muscles cunvolsing as the venom began to numb his muscles before another brutal wave of agony swept through. He gritted his beak, trying to ward of the tears. The general stood, arms crossed as he tapped his foot. “Feels like your blood has been replaced with tiny chunks of flaming glass , don’t it?” He asked giddily, retrieving a pen and pad, jotting down notes. “I’ll be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what a dosage of that size would do. Fascinating.” He laughed, watching the gryphon seize up. The stallion emptied the remaining contents into a beaker, mixing the solution up. “Pain and pleasure. I wonder which is more potent.” He smiled, humming as he filled another syringe with the fluid. “If you had just told me the answers this could have been avoided.” He reminded his captive.
Claw was floating in and out of conscience, vaguely aware that his torturor was speaking. He snapped back to his senses as the stallion turned towards him with another syringe. “Get that thing away from me!” He screamed, tears threatening to fall. He felt bile rising in his throat as the venom rushed through his system. “No can do. This venom is too expensive to just throw away.” He said, grabbing the gryphons arm. Claw gasped, the young stallions grip was incredible strong for his stature, he would be able to get away. The general brought the needle to bear before forcing the plunger down, injecting the syringe’s contents entirely.
Within seconds claw was writhing in the chair, kicking and screaming at images only he could see. He tipped over, slamming the chair on it’s back as he tried his hardest to get away. The general sat on the desktop, jotting down notes on the gryphons reaction. “Interesting, interesting. It seems the venom and pheromones causes violent hallucinations.” He noted, biting the tip of the pen. The gryphon could feel his veins bulging as he hopped wildly on the floor. he tasted blood in his mouth or he thought he did. Slowly hebegan to freeze up, feeling the wild concoction begin to paralyze his aching muscles. He lay on his back, openly crying as terrible images flashed through his mind. He heard the stallion stand and saw his shadow dating down at him. It twisted and writhed before it’s deep, horrible voice spoke. “That was very good. Let’s see what will happen with double the amount, hm?” Claw gasped, hyperventilating as he tried to block the pain from his mind. ” n-no, please I… I’ll tell you what you want, just… Just please don’t hurt me anymo-” his voice cracked as he began to cry again. The shadow receded, picking up a pen and paper before returning. “Good. Spill it.” It commanded. Claw struggled to keep his composure as he ratted out his commanding officer. “U-up north. Past the razor-net walls. The westernmost slope of the northernmost mountain, the wire was cut. We’ve been using it as an entry and exit point for years. You’ll find a large number of caves on the far side. Follow the largest to the end and then… Fly till you reach the frozen spires. From there you’ll have to cross on hoof to the catacombs under the spires. T-that’s our hideout. Please, please don’t hurt me. I swear, I won’t tell anyone. Just let me go.” The gryphon said, pleading with the shadow. The stallion finished jotting down the last of the notes before stepping to his jacket and retrieving a portable radio. He flipped the switch as the device crackled to life. He pushed a button before speaking into the receiver. “I broke him, brother. We’ll have surveillance teams out momentarily.” He said, the other end was static for a few seconds before a gruff voice spoke up “good work, Fames. Your tabs on me, go get something to eat, lettum will handle the rest.” Upon hearing the reward, fames smiled. “Really, Bellum? The tabs on you? Sweet, I’ll have the kitchens working for awhile.” He laughed giddily before switching off the radio.
He hopped happily to the fallen gryphon. ” thank you for the information. You will be forcibly detained until we have discovered if it is reliable.” He said, turning and backing up his equipment. He pushed a few buttons on the wall near the door and the table lowered down into the floor. “Well, empress moon said you weren’t to be fed until we check out your info. But, don’t worry. I’ll be sure to eat enough for the two of us.” The young general said before dimming the lights and exiting the room. Claw sat on his back, looking up at the feeling wallowing in pure dread. “I… I’ve killed them all.” He whispered. He began to shake, imagining the tortures Gilda would be subjected to. She wouldn’t break, not like he had. He began to cry, trying his best not to think of the number of friends he had signed to death.

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I’m hopefully going to finish another chapter tonight…

Gonna say that it’s gonna be part of the first Arc again though. ~Apoc

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Hey every one it’s Friday and that means movie night here at EAM!!! Starting at 8pm EST.

First of all, let me wish you all a very happy Pie Day!!! And now more importantly let me also say HAPPY GOD DAMN SPRING BREAK!!! I finally have a whole week to draw and not do work thank god!!!

And since it’s Pie day and π is about as random as you can get (completely non repeating) I decided to do a mash up a few movie nights into one after i picked them at random to see what I got. And you you all know what Terrorism, a Wizard, a Minion of Hell, and World Class Thief all have in common? 

Nicholas Cage!!!

That’s right through random happenstance Nick Cage is all of the above so lets do this right!!! The movies tonight are

  • The Rock
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice 
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 
  • Gone in 60 Seconds 

Hope to see you all there!!!

((Stream rules: be nice, ask before linking, Bold and Italic font for mods only, No rp in the chat. you know all the basic rules so every one can enjoy the stream and still have fun))

Movies starting with The Rock